1 August 2019


In 2010, Eglisauer Christian Forrer was able to acquire the rights for Vivi Kola and, after decades of disappearance, bring the drink back to bubble. In a small shop – the ViCAFE – in the old town of Eglisau, at the opening event, thousands of bottles of Vivi were finally brought out of the store within two hours, former factory workers of the Eglisau mineral spring spontaneously sang the Vivi-Samba, and the shop has since become a haven of peace and a meeting place in the tranquil town on the Rhine.

At the same time, a micro-roaster was installed in the cafe in Eglisau, and from then on, the smell of freshly roasted coffee moved through the alleys of the town. The shops in the lowlands sold the specialty coffees only a short time later and, in addition to the micro roasting, demand for a large roasting house in the old Eglisau station demanded.

In 2014, Christian and his partner Kurt and colleagues Benedikt and Silvio opened the first ViCAFE Espresso Bar at Goldbrunnenplatz in the city of Zurich. Our Managing Director Ramon, followed by Simon, joined the team, and soon more restaurants were opened in the city. Our passion is to continue shaping the Swiss coffee culture with our dedicated team.

We accompany our coffee along the entire value chain, guaranteeing quality and transparency in equal measure. Every day we open our window to the world of coffee for our customers to share our passion with each and every guest.